First Class Workshops

First Class Workshops are designed for anyone who has missed the introductory stages of an already established course whether it’s a general mixed ability course or a special populations course. For example, an established beginners course may have been progressing for some time and it is inevitable that someone may wish to start part-way through. This is what the First-Class Workshop Course is designed for.

In essence the First-Class Workshop Course is a 6-week mini course designed to teach you the first set of essential Pilates exercises perfectly along with the accompanying Pilates ABC Principles (Alignment, Breathing and Centring); after which you can transition over into the general classes.

Please note that as an extra this mini course also has a basic anatomy lecture incorporated in order to give you a better understanding of what Pilates is all about and how it works in comparison to Yoga. Simultaneously, the Workshop Course also provides an opportunity for you to sample Pilates, gain confidence and discuss any concerns you may have in private before transitioning over to general classes where your development will continue.

In the case of a brand-new beginners course where everyone is starting at the same time the Workshop is incorporated as part of the first 6-week programme as it will form the foundations of the standard progression.


To register any courses, please contact me to arrange an initial consultation and review.