Trainee Osteopath Led Classes


Pre-Class Consultation

Postural & Mobility Analysis

This one to one consultation includes a postural and mobility assessment to determine your staring stage and provide an opportunity to discuss any medical concerns / conditions you might have or if you are worried about commencing exercise after surgery.


Refundable deduction upon sign up of private session or course


1st Class Workshops

Introductory Workshop

Introductory lessons for new clients, designed to introduce and instruct fundamental Pilates principles prior to your moving into Community or Private Group Work classes.

3 Week Workshop


Community Class

Weekly mat lessons

Lessons are purchased in termly blocks. The number of lessons per block coincides with the length of each school term. Each block is pre-paid in advance and payment must be received before or on the first day of term. Maximum 12 participants.



Private 1:1 / Group Classes

6 Week Course

Private specially designed classes to suit your needs and pace. These classes are recommended for individuals who feel like they might require a more personal Pilates experience or rehabilitation after an operation or injury.

Private Lessons


Mobile Service

At your home

Same as for Private 1:1 or Private Group Classes except £5 has been added to cover travel costs to you; if two or more participants please ensure there is sufficient space to exercise.

Mobile Lessons


Corporate Service

Office Health & Welfare

Flat rates enabling employees to receive the Pilates experience at a discounted rate (max 12 individuals per class).



COMBO Service

Pilates and Massage

Specialist class combining both pilates and massage whether your aim is rehabilitation, building core strength and conditioning or simply just enjoying an extra-long massage this will be a unique experience to help enhance your health benefits.