Healthy Backs

This course is particularly helpful if you've been experiencing pain due to issues with your lower back.

All Back4Good Practitioners have undertaken additional training in exercise referral and low back pain to become a Back4Good Practitioner. Back4Good is endorsed by BackCare, the UK charity for healthier backs; by leading medical practitioners the independent bodies who oversee quality and standards for the UK health and fitness industry.

Pathological Conditions

If you have had recent surgery or have been diagnosed with a pathological condition relating to the spine you will need written confirmation from your doctor that you are physically able to take part in these classes as everyone's recovery times and circumstances are different.

Non-Specific-Low-Back-Pain (NSLBP)

In the case of NSLBP it may be possible for you join without doctor’s referral (although this is preferred) but this will be on a case-by-case basis at my discretion.

Please note that you may need to consider having one to one private tuition first before joining a small group class. The Back4Good classes work in 4 stages; you may not necessarily start at stage 1 as every case is unique.

To register for this course, please make sure you complete the Etiquette and Medical forms so that I can be aware of any specific issues that you are experiencing.

A one-to-one consultation will be required before commencing any classes.

Consultations will take place at the Diamond Press Pilates Studio

Peace of Mind

If your medical practitioner refers you to a Back4Good Practitioner or indeed if you enrol on the "Back4Good Healthy Back" classes, you can have total peace of mind that you are being taught by a qualified professional who understands your needs.

Please note I will only liaise with your medical practitioners if you have expressed an interest for me to do so and only after I have your permission and written consent. All information is kept confidential as per the strict code of conduct of both professions and governance of the new GDPR rulings.